Thursday, November 13, 2008


So it has been a long ass mother fucking time since I have posted in my blog, and I apologize. I have been incredibly busy with my life.

However, I am going to make up the last couple months with some amazing progressive indie music that is layered and epic.

First off is Mimas. You should know by now that I am terrible at explaining music or even comparing bands, but I hope by now you trust my musical taste and listen and support this band from the UK.

The Worries 2009


Anonymous said...

fuck yeah, i love these dudes.

they are from denmark though, not britain.

p.s. this is brian from his hideous heart

flawlist said...

these guys are amazing live. they're touring with my band caspian for a few dates in november. they're new record is sick! not sure if it's out yet though.