Monday, September 29, 2008

Noah and the Whale

I saw this band play at the Empty Bottle the other night. I had a real good time and really enjoyed this band. The bassist/keyboardist wore a funny looking hat. My gf yelled "You're hat looks like a VAGINA!!!" Probably the best heckle ever.
Either way, if you like happy folk with ukuleles, fiddles, trumpets, clapping, and different percussion instruments, you will really enjoy this band.

Noah and the Whale | Peaceful, the World Lays Me Down


This file has their split material with A Day in Black and White, their 7", and An Estate.

Navies | Discography

Monday, September 22, 2008


There is a lot that I am missing here. Hopefully you guys can fill in the blanks. I am keeping my eyes out for the new album entitled, Canopy Glow.




Floating World

Murder In The Red Barn | Unreleased

Some nice lad sent this to me over gmail. I compressed the songs into a zip folder and made it available for you Achilous readers. If you don't know who Murder In The Red Barn is, I made a post on them earlier this year. Scroll down, read up and download away. =)

Murder In The Red Barn | Unreleased

Sunday, September 14, 2008

El Ten Eleven

Simply put, this band is one of the catchiest instrumental rock groups out today. A two piece that combines programming and live instrumentation to create a rich and original musical experience. The duo uses elements of dance, prog rock and math rock to create songs which make the listener feel awake, uplifted and enthused. Download the jams then go buy all their stuff and see their shows, you won't be disappointed.

El Ten Eleven (2005)


Every Direction is North (2007)


These Promises are Being Videotaped (2008)


For Fans of: Ratatat, Minus the Bear, etc