Sunday, March 30, 2008


Mellow progressive indie rock from Germany. One of the few bands I continuously go to when I want to fall a sleep to music with vocals. They're an amazing band.
Here are all their albums minus their split and 7". I will put their split up later.

clever clever is where your heart is

sold heart to the one


bending the willow


Sinaloa is easily one of my favorite emo bands that are still writing music and playing shows.
Here are their first two full lengths and I combined their split 7"s with Wolves and Catena Collapse and the split 12" with Ampere, into one file. (If anyone has the Life at These Speeds split, can you please link it to me)
I also put up their NEW album, "Oceans of Islands." This is the vinyl rip though. Still sounds mighty nice. I love it. ENJOY!

fathers and sons

footprints and floorboards

split series

oceans of islands

Thursday, March 27, 2008


GOD DAMMIT! This is the first time I feel bad for putting up an album. Why's that, you say? Because one of my favorite "smaller" labels put this out. Gilead Media... dude should be praised by all you vinyl nerds. He's up there with Burnt Toast. So you go and you buy this record here!

Anyway, back to the band. This is Colin Marston's (Dysrhythmia, Behold... the Arctopus, Infidel? Castro!, etc...) solo project.
In other words, SHRED. YES! well, the good kind of shred. The kind we short-haired people like. Right?


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

We Are Knives

Yeah... so, this band fucking rules. Imagine Dysrhythmia but with more rock and less metal. These dudes are from the UK.
You can buy their demo on their myspace or just check em out.
But I have the demo here, and holy fuck balls, it's awesome.

we have become like knives

Sky Corvair

While Cap'n Jazz and Braid were prime time in 94', this little side project blossomed. This is their discography that was released in 98'. Tim K. and Bob Nanna are both in this band.

Shit, maybe next month witll be Bob Nanna month. =)

unsafe at any speed

The One Up Downstairs

The One Up Downstairs is just a simple three-song ep. Wait! No it's not! Well, this was the only material that was released from this pre-American Football and Very Secretary band. But that's how it's not that simple. For me, it's super nice because I listened to this EP after I got into American Football. With the guitarist/vocalist the same, they're very reminiscent.

So for the few of you that have not listened to The One Up Downstairs, this will be like listening to new material from AF. Maybe not... for I do really suck and explaining music. Just listen to this okay?


The One Up Downstairs EP

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Joan Of Arc

Here are all of the full length albums from Joan Of Arc. Presents Guitar Duets is missing some tracks, and I will put up the two live albums and the collections album entitled, "An Intelligent Design" tomorrow.


a portable model of

the memory works

the gap

so much staying alive and loveless

in rape fantasy and terror sex we trust

joan of arc, dick cheney, mark twain

presents guitar duets

eventually, all at once

The Summer We Went West

All I believe exists from Maryland's emo greats The Summer We Went West. Shaky vocals, heartfelt, yet sometimes comical lyrics and fun, twinkly guitar lines. Take the awkward wit of Kinsella-esque projects and combine it with a campfire sing along fully supplied with whiskey and you have The Summer We Went West...the perfect band to listen to while drinking alone. Members went on to form Monument (which you should also check out).

For Fans of: On the Might of Princes, Braid, Superstitions of the Sky, Make Believe, Monument

Following the Holy Moon Goddess

2006 Tour Cdr

Live at the Brown House (Acoustic)


EIGHT years in the making, Nate Kinsella's solo project, Birthmark, finally released a debut album! Here it is!

the layer

Monday, March 24, 2008

Giraffes? Giraffes!

Giraffes? Giraffes! is one of those bands that you listen to and just think, "damn, how do they do it?" Then you find out that there are only two members. Listen again... "oh yeah, they're just that fucking good!"

Joseph on guitar finger taps to the breaking point then uses loops for perfect transitions as well as atmospheric build ups and what not. Kenneth on drums is just as amazing, and fits every drum hit to the craziness of whatever the guitar is doing. What a perfect duo.

More Skin With Milk-Mouth came out at the end of last year. It's one of my few favorite albums that came out last year. Superbass!!! is original, but it does not compare to their latest album. However, I made both available for your enjoyment.


more skin with milk-mouth

Make Believe

If you paid any attention to Cap'n Jazz after they split up, I'm sure you are one happy camper. Not only have numerous bands been created, but many records from each as well. One of my favorite groups who have recorded some of my favorite albums is Make Believe, who consist of Tim and Nate Kinsella, Bobby Burg, & Sam Zurick.

Everything is here, minus that limited 12", some comp. songs, and the Pink 7".


make believe

shock of being

of course

goin' to the bone church

the association of utopian hologram swallowers [split]

Sunday, March 23, 2008

(Lone) Wolf & Cub

Wolf & Cub's debut EP, May You Only See Sky, is one of the few metalcore albums i still enjoy listening too. Maybe it's the tough guy in me, or maybe it's the little metalhead i have left from junior high.
This recording has material that was written from a former member you may now recognize playing guitar for Russian Circles. Yes, that's right, Mike Sullivan! You can hear him shred if you pick up the split 7" with Fuiguirnet (this was when they did not have (lone) in the name). And of course their first material is their best.
Either way, he doesn't play on this 2004 release, but his riffs are well presented!

I saw this band recently with yet another line-up, including one of their guitarists doing vocals now. It was horrible. Their new material blows... in my opinion of course. So, i would not recommend you look further into this band. Just download this album and be angry. It's the cool thing to do... being angry that is. Downloading is not. (SAVE).

may you only see sky


Kickball you say? Don't mind if I do.
No description for this band. Sorry. You will just have to take my word. Look at the releases I have put up. This fits. LISTEN!



everything is a miracle nothing is a miracle everything is

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Gregor Samsa

Gregor Samsa formed in 2000. This is their second full length; adding to their three-song demo, christmas single, split with Red Sparowes, and the 27:36 EP.
This is not the streamed version that was released on their myspace. All tracks are accounted for.


Sunday, March 9, 2008

The Burning Paris

"The Burning Paris formed under the guise of creating rock music in a different way. Layers of sound and reverb and delay soaked instruments subtly play off of each other to create the sound known as The Burning Paris. This six piece ensemble boasts cello, vocals, guitars, drums and keyboards. The band released their formative debut Coral City Ruin to a surprising and curious public."

The Burning Paris - Coral City Ruin

The Lounge Ax Defense & Relocation

v/a | the lounge ax defense & relocation

1. Uncommonly Good - The Jesus Lizard
2. Killers - Shellac
3. Whole Hog - Sebadoh
4. Rivers And Plains - June Of 44
5. Wood Bee - The Coctails
6. Beneath A Festering Moon - Guided By Voices
7. Mark Price P.I. - Archers Of Loaf
8. Wild Bill Jones - Bad Livers
9. Attack On Love - The Coctails/Yo La Tengo (live)
10. Axcerpt - The Mekons
11. Fader Rules - Superchunk
12. Prizefighters, The - Seam
13. Restless Waters - Tortoise
14. Those Pearls... - Rachel's

I think the club is gone now. I'm not sure. Whatever, there are more clubs anyway and some compilation isn't going to save anything.
It is a fantastic comp. though, so you should get into it.