Monday, June 30, 2008

The Jazz June

Here is the discography from post hardcore geniuses The Jazz June down to the collection of 7"s and comp tracks and the compilation from their slew of reunion shows a couple years ago. This band is many things, part emo part indie with post hardcore roots. Some of the best stuff I've heard from the genre, honestly listen to all of this stuff if you even have an interest in late 90's indie jams, you WILL NOT be disappointed. DON'T LET MY EXCUSE FOR A DESCRIPTION SCARE YOU AWAY...DOWNLOAD AND ENJOY!!!

For Fans of: The Get Up Kids, Moneen, Spy Versus Spy, Braid, The Kidcrash

They Love Those Who Make the Music (1997)

The Boom the Motion and the Music (1998)

Breakdance Suburbia (1998)

The Medicine (2000)

Better Off Without Air (2002)

The Scars to Prove It (2007)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Fight Amp

Young Widows canceled their show at Dudefest this year. It totally bummed me out. This band, however, totally replaced them. Well, for me at least, because I never heard of them before. Mix Sweet Cobra with Young Widows and you will have Fight Amp. They rocked the 21+ venue. Fuck, this album is heavy. They have a babe guitarist too!

Hungry For Nothing

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


So... last Thursday night, I went to a house show. Which is something I rarely do, especially in the summer. I met some cool dudes, and spent most of the time on the porch smokin' and talkin' and drinkin' and eatin'. Yeah yeah, well... I heard some tight jams from the porch and went to the basement. This band was fuckin' SWEET. Bass driven harcore/emo/punk with incredible guitar work and drums. Again... fuck descriptions. They reminded me of a combination of Off Minor and Hugs. Bassist did vocals as well.

I bought a shirt and a CD and scooted. I encourage you to do the same. This band was fantastic. The Recording is fantastic as well.

Native's myspace

We Delete; Erase

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day In Black And White

I heard about this band after reading that their first full length was reminiscent to City Of Caterpillar's s/t album. This is when I purchased albums, so I did. My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys is still one of my favorite progressive indi/punk albums. Their previous material is a bit more to the point with heavier abrasive elements, and post-Cowboys material has more of an melodic softer sound with jagged chords intertwined to create a solid structure of whatever post genres you want to label. Punk, indi, hardcore... whatever. Some part of my body is always moving when I listen to this band.

The only files I am missing here are their split 7"s with Golden Birds and Silent Reminder. Leave comments and enjoy.

Oh yeah, this thread is dedicated to my room-mates of Park ave. Good times with dart-guns, mongoloids, Mario Kart, fire works, the list goes on and on....

Daniel Morse | Guitars and vocals
Ian Thompson | Drums
Mike Petillo | Bass
Aaron Leitko | Guitar

based out of:
Washington, DC

Level Plane

Black Castle & Navies [Splits]

My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys


Friday, June 13, 2008


This band is truly a blessing to listen. Music to smoke a blunt and just relax to. They are in the same lane as June of 44 and Slint.

Joe Goldring | Guitars
Kevin Thomson | Bass/Guitars
Yuma Joe Byrnes | Drums
Pete Simonelli | Vocals

End Note 2004

Output Negative Space 2006

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Off Minor

No other band is like Off Minor. Here is all their stuff including their new album. If you want a description, google em. =)

The new album is fantastic. Leave comments and enjoy.

Problematic Courtship 2002

The Heat Death Of The Universe 2002

Innominate 2004

Killie & My Disco [Splits] 2006/08

Some Blood 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Holy Shroud

I am pretty sure this band only has one member from his/their previous band, North of America. Correct me if I am wrong. "The band's combination of dissonant, snaking guitars, off-kilter melody, and pummeling rhythmic sensibilities" would have been lost for not Hot Cross' invitation on their tour.

This band is still considered active but I am doubting another actual release from them. I sure hope I am wrong.

This file linked below has both their full length and split 7" with Hot Cross, both released on Level-Plane records. Also, my power went out at the last fucking second of the upload. When the power came back on and I restored my session, mediafire said the file was successfully uploaded. Tell me if it lied to me. =)

Ghost Repeaters & split with Hot Cross


I was introduced to this band through an old room mate about two years ago while watching one of the Burn to Shine DVDs. They're the only thing I remember besides this amazingly shitty band whispering "AK Forty-seven, AK Forty-seven, AK Forty-seven...." Well yeah, I love hearing about new bands as awesome as this, even in this case, where I am completely late.

This is another crazy awesome trio out of Washington DC. They formed in early 03' and have two members from Faraquet. They released an EP under Dischord records, which was followed by their full length.

If you are into Faraquet or Smart Went Crazy, you will like Medications. Enjoy.

Medications 2004

Your Favorite People All In One Place 2005