Monday, June 16, 2008

A Day In Black And White

I heard about this band after reading that their first full length was reminiscent to City Of Caterpillar's s/t album. This is when I purchased albums, so I did. My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys is still one of my favorite progressive indi/punk albums. Their previous material is a bit more to the point with heavier abrasive elements, and post-Cowboys material has more of an melodic softer sound with jagged chords intertwined to create a solid structure of whatever post genres you want to label. Punk, indi, hardcore... whatever. Some part of my body is always moving when I listen to this band.

The only files I am missing here are their split 7"s with Golden Birds and Silent Reminder. Leave comments and enjoy.

Oh yeah, this thread is dedicated to my room-mates of Park ave. Good times with dart-guns, mongoloids, Mario Kart, fire works, the list goes on and on....

Daniel Morse | Guitars and vocals
Ian Thompson | Drums
Mike Petillo | Bass
Aaron Leitko | Guitar

based out of:
Washington, DC

Level Plane

Black Castle & Navies [Splits]

My Heroes Have Always Killed Cowboys



craig said...

yeeeah man, the split with golden birds wasn't a new song / the split with silent reminder is some metal ass shit.. not very good. sweet up!

Anonymous said...

hello i am fan your blog, you can upload disc for december arquitecs nate kinsella band, I would be grateful

excuse my bad english , gratings for chile

Anonymous said...

dude. thats badass. funny how hindsight is 20/20

p.s. fofo refrence for street cred there. i still love you when im drunk


achilous said...

fofo and engine down are next

achilous said...

also, mr. chile person. i would glady put yr request up.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, i'm really digging this band, as most of the stuff you put over here, continue the good work, best blog by far.

please do a north of america post, i think they were a great band

apoxonbothyourhouses said...

dude, since you seem to have alot of stuff...

do you have the griver 12"?

if you do i'd totally have your baby...

oh, wait...i would find someone to have your baby...yeah, that's it.

ashley said...

a friend of mine saw them in tallahassee, fl about 3 years ago and brought back notes for me. i had never heard them before and was impressed. i still pop it in occasionally for a good listen!

Anonymous said...

is there any chance that you have anything from a band called the heavy?
thanks and keep up the awesome work with this blog