Saturday, December 6, 2008

La Dispute

Okay, seriously, I have not been so impressed/excited with a new hardcore band/album than the one I'm posting now since... well, Risk Revival or Native's debut. This album reminds me of a cross between Mewithoutyou and Hot Cross' later material. It's fucking incredible and I listened to it on repeat throughout my entire overnight shift (eight hours).

I highly recommend you listen to this with a good stereo system and/or headphones. Don't let anything distract you either. It's that good.

Check them out here. and support them. Go to their shows and buy their merch.

I made their album available to download but I will probably take it down soon. So good. So so good.

Somewhere at the Bottom of the River Between Vega and Altair


Anonymous said...

i wish this had been released earlier in the year. it's pretty dense stuff and i feel like it could have easily broken into my top 10 if i just had more time to digest it and learn all the details.

incredible shit though. i haven't heard an album so lyrically impressive in a minute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this album. These guys are amazing.

Given Willingly said...

Wow... to be honest I thought you were exaggerating but this is awesome. Great mix of original screamo and emo.

kcwunda said...

Your welcome :)
This hasn't been deleted from my (ridiculously small 1 gig) mp3 player since I heard of them a few weeks ago. Unbelievable band.

Check out Ghost Of A Thousand. They remind me of La Dispute a bit. I'll put there album up on my blog.

achilous said...

hey guys, i have their other full length and their new EP (which is VERY different and just as amazing). I will put these up today or tomorrow. keep in touch. love kevin.

Givenwillingly said...

Cool, after listening to it several times they remind me a bit of Ruiner. Though i wouldn't consider Ruiner an emo band at all their lyrics are equally emotional just a bit less poetic.

xlaxparkax said...

Definitely one of the last minute surprises of the year. A best album of the year contender. Thanks for posting this.

thesixthborough said...

Hey, I'm new to this blog stuff so I don't know if I am leaving this in the right place, but I have two questions/statements

1)Could you put up the Owls record? I have been looking for it forever and can't find it anywhere and see you are a Kinsella nut as I am

2)Have you listened to Look Mexico yet? They are an amazing band from here in florida. Check them out if you haven't ( Their new EP is great, Kinsella worshiping going on!

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

No one recognizes what an awful mewithoutYou rip-off this is? It's almost exactly as if someone took a third-tier screamo act and merged them with mwy. This embarrassed me to listen to.

achilous said...

Hahaha. Okay dude.